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Monday, October 10, 2005

Disaster strikes again!!

In the past 12 months we have seen loss of hundreds of thousands of lives in various parts of the world...The enemy being none but nature..
Some of these have taken many many lives in them while others caused destruction in billions of dollars...

Asian tsunami
Draught in Europe
Deadly rains in western India
Large forest fires in the Western countries
Killer hurricanes in Texas
Volcano in El Salvador, Santa Ana.
Inhuman earthquake in Kashmir

Is it mother nature flexing muscles or is she in pain....I have my doubts if any of us would ever find out.
Questions are being raised on global warming, atmospheric pollution etc. Some tend to believe that there may be link and its about time the human race start taking this seriously.
The large number of natural disasters in the recent past sound more than just a coincidence. Our scientists are unable to find a link between these incidents and the
mess we have created of planet earth. There is not enough scientific proof for this. But wait a second, are scientists God? Did they create the planet? With all my belief in science and everything that science has provided us, scientists/researchers do not know everything. They are the very same people who come up with theories and this disprove it a few years later when they realise something new.

The fact of the matter remains that we just do not know. The environment/ climate/ tectonic movement of this planet is so complex that no science has been able to incorporate all this into a single working model... How many times has the weather report told you that it will rain and all you have found is bright sunny day... In other words, we are still a newbie to the science that drives this planet. It may take a few decades or maybe a few centuries before human beings can determine the root cause of such incidents.

Just because we are unable to prove whether all the pollution is responsible, does not mean that we have proved otherwise.
This is not a death trial where facts beyond resonable doubt are required to prove ones guilt and the defendent is innocent unless proven guilty. We cannot use that argument in case of our planet. The argument has to be the other way round. Human activities that screw up this planet are guilty unless proven innocent.

We do not want to end up in a situation where we realise that we have been too late to act. The responsibility is collective as you never know if mother nature may pick YOU as her next target.

To people who have lost their lives..
Rest In Peace..