Astitva.... The Fountainhead

Friday, September 16, 2005

Dear God..

Do you exist?
Who are you?
What do you do?
Why did you make all this?

Basic assumption -> God = Creator

It is the unknown that has driven human into believing in the existence of God.
When humans were unable to figure out the reasoning behind the forces of nature on earth they decided to refer to them as God.
Rain, Sea, Earth have held the status of god in ancient history.
As scientists discovered more about all this, faith diminished in the above, but there were other unknowns

Our solar system was big enough and hence planets/satellites were named as god.
Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter etc have all had their share of godliness.
Time changed and science was able to explain these heavenly bodies, their history, geography etc.

The unknown diminishes with time as we humans discover and reason out more and more of it. To make life simple, to keep fear distant and to keep faith, the unknown has always been god. For both good and bad, God has been responsible. If humans can't control it, God does it.

Imagine sitting in complete darkness with a lighted candle. The known is the lighted area, and the unknown is outside the circumference of the light created by the candle. When sitting in light the unknown is percieved as the circumference itself as that is all we see.
Now imagine that you have a flare instead of the candle. The circle of light becomes bigger, but so does its circumference..... and also the unknown.

In other words the known will grow with time, but so will the unknown...
This will go on till the end of human race... at which time both the unknown and the known would die...... with us.

But wait, haven't we always defined god with the unknown? Does it mean
End of human race = end of the unknown = end of God