Astitva.... The Fountainhead

Monday, December 12, 2005

Love.... The lost cause?

Looking for love.

Wondering what all would they would do for love.

Bitching about their so-called love.

Breaking up after years of love

Forever in love

Meet any individual and you will find love reflecting in his/her life. Its not necessary for love to be present in his/her life..... A single person is looking for love..... Another pursuing love wonders whether his/her love would be reciprocated...... One in a relationship thinks about where the love is headed...... While another in a relationship wonders if love was ever there..... And those you have lost love, crying for that love.

Does love still exist... Yes
Are we making it easy to exist... No
Something as simple as love has been made so complex in this 21st century.
While I discussed this with a friend of mine we wondered since where did this entire concept of dating, going out etc come up from.... and does it make finding love any easier? Or has made the whole process much more complex.... adding expectations to what was supposed to be
unconditional love.

What do you think? Is Love the lost cause?