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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Are you nuclear?

So the major developed nations of this world develop nuclear weapons. They create a large stockpile of these weapons and sit on it.
50 years later the developing nations start acquiring/developing the same weapons in a much smaller quantities. And what do the developed nations have to say about it? Its not good. They are treated like kids who have done something wrong.
Some of these developing nations are classified as rogue nations, while others face sanctions.
Do these developing nations have an option? When they see other nations being attacked for the purpose of disarmament, they feel insecure and find nukes the only way out.

What about the developed nations? When your gun points to your face, you are bound to be scared.
This is exactly what is happening. The problem is that the developed nations believe that their weapons are a lot more secure than those of the developing countries. This may be true to some extent, but it does not cover the fact that both these nations possess these deadly weapons and misuse is likely in both cases. The developed nations have a far larger number of nukes which means their mere existence is a bigger scare.

The developed nations can reduce this nuke scare across the globe is by first giving up their own nukes first. It is risky for their own security but it's their invention and need to take responsibility for it for the greater good.

Disclaimer: The nuclear debate has been there for decades and this post is to reflect one point of view which may/may not coincide with the writers view.