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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ms Windows and Women

The depths of geekiness in my brain combined with knowing what little i know of the fairer Sex has inspired the following post.

Getting Windows up and running is a long process. Not only do you need to install it from the basic cd, you need the various service packs. Many a times you would also need to download the appropriate drivers to make sure that it runs. If there is a slight chance of Windows not working, it will crash during installation itself.
The effort involved in the entire dating process. Buying the right gifts. Saying the right thing at the right moment etc etc.

Security updates
You have to make sure that you keep up to date on the security updates and install them at the right time. The more you delay it, you increase the possibility of
  1. Windows getting infected with a virus and crashing. The woman is going to dump you
  2. Your Windows installation will soon be hacked by someone else. She'll soon be going out with someone else.

So it hangs, big deal
Windows has the capability of hanging without giving you any idea why it happened. There are no log files to refer to so that you can fix the problem and no logical thought process can help you solve this problem. This will happen again and again until you manage to use some random thinking to actually fix the problem. If you don't fix it soon enough, it is likely that you would need a fresh installation. Back to being Single.

Dual boot up
Ever tried running another OS on the same PC with Windows ? Windows by nature would not support or like you to have access to another operating system. You may be lucky to find another OS like Linux which will recognize Windows and would still allow you to install itself. That being the case as long as Windows does not find out. Don't even try hitting on another woman when you are already going out with one.

Help and Support
Windows provides this wonderful feature of Help and Support. Type in your problem and will get tons of documentation to refer to. There is but one problem with it, none of it will give you any clue whatsoever on why did the problem occur and how to fix it. At times you would be lucky to find the procedure on actually fixing the problem on a web forumAsking friends for advise. Take Girlfriend Windows out on a lavish date , buy expensive gifts, shower compliments. But you would never ever find out the root cause of the problem and how to fix it in future.

The End... BSOD
This my dear friend is one screen you would not like to see in Windows. If you see it once, you can be assured that this Windows is not going to last for long. Soon you will need a fresh installation. Just make sure that you backup as much data as possible and hope that you face minimum damage when Windows crashes for good.

Note: WidowsXP is a considerably stable operating system which does not exhibit all the features mentioned above. Its took Microsoft many releases to get there. Unfortunately God only had one chance.